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Video Editing: EBACE Hype Video

National Business Aviation Association
In this video editing sample, we showcase our team's storytelling, video editing, sound design and motion graphics skills.
EBACE logo on a blue and yellow background. Airplane illustration in the bottom right corner.

Video Production: Transit Planning 4 All

Community Transportation Association of America
Video production sample featuring a video produced for the Community Transportation Association of America.
Seattle transit map

Documentary Storytelling: Living History

Congressional Medal of Honor Society
Storytelling is at the heart of what we do. Creative Liquid is working with the Congressional Medal of Honor Society to document and tell the stories of Medal
Photo of jim mccloughan in Vietnam

Melwood Ability Awards Profile Video

Creative Liquid worked with Melwood to produce a series of video profiles on the honorees receiving the 2023 Ability Awards.
Melwood logo with the title text Keivonn Woodward. Keivonn's photo is on the right side.

Video Production: U.S. Vets

Congressional Medal of Honor Society
This video production was completed in early 2023 and tells the story of U.S. Vets. U.S. Vets is an organization helping veterans with housing and support
silhouette of person with sun shining

Instructional Videos: Tradewind Solutions

Instructional videos are a great way to inform your audience.
intro graphic for tradewind video with blue circles