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Developing Your Brand

Creative Liquid is a full service digital media company offering script to screen video production, web services and brand development. What that means is that we can help you take your ideas and develop them into a finished product. We start by getting to know your brand and your audience. This way we can customize services to achieve your goals, whether we're producing a video, building a website or designing a new logo.


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Video Planning

First and foremost, the concept of the video needs to be developed. This first phase of a video production is pre-production. This includes brainstorming ideas, creating a script, and defining the overall goal and message of the video. Once the concept is finalized, the next step is to create a storyboard or shot list, which outlines the visual elements and sequence of shots for each scene. Our team of creatives work with you to perform strategic planning, draft scripts, and perform location scouting. 

In this pivotal creative step we take care of all of the planning to make video production a success. We work with you to identify the type and style of video your organization needs, who your talent will be, how it will be distributed, and your budget & timeline requirements. By ensuring that all aspects are carefully planned and organized, the final video product will be a cohesive and impactful piece of content.

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Brand Identity & Messaging

Your brand is important, that's why we take the time to get to know your organization. A good brand should reflect your mission, your people, and your customers. We help clients develop or redesign their branding to help them stand out.

Need a script for a video? We have you covered. Our team of producers and writers will draft a script that targets your audience and serves as an extension of your brand.


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Graphic Design

We offer a variety of creative graphic design services. Sometimes design is an extension of brand identity, including logo design, but it also includes custom illustrations and graphics. Design also includes marketing collateral such as business cards, slide presentations and brochures. We produce design elements that enhance your brand and your message. Whether for print or digital, our team can help with graphic design that represents and promotes your brand.

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